At Studio Skecky, design agency we live and breathe design.

We love what we do, and what we do is help passionate business owners do more of what they love.

Studio Skecky is a brand design, graphic design and web design agency based in Wagga Wagga, Australia, looking to help the doers, the thinkers and those who care about creating a better world.

We want to make branding and marketing simple, intuitive and impactful, using great design to connect our clients to their audiences and bring their brands, businesses and dreams to life.

For us, it’s all about design that works.

We are firm believers that good looks will only get you so far. How you make people feel takes you further. That’s why we don’t just ‘make things pretty’. We help businesses understand their customers, so they can make an even bigger difference in the world.

Although small in size, we carry big ideas and we work obsessively to bring them to life.

See our work.


Our Team

Bec Layton
Creative Director / Founder

Skecky’s concept-driven and somewhat fussy graphic designer, Bec loves the challenge of creating multi-disciplinary solutions for brands, both in print and on screen, and steers the creative flair of the business.

Throughout her 15-year professional career, Bec has founded and managed her own snow apparel business and worked with an impressive range of clients on projects large and small, including graphic design, editorial design, brand design and management, advertising, small business, B2B, information design, type and communication development, website design, user interface design, illustration, fashion graphic design, and social media design and marketing.


Pete Francis
Web Designer

Pete is Skecky’s sixth sense when it comes to user experience. He is perceptive and insightful, and never allows form to supersede function – which makes for some very spirited conversations with Bec.

Luckily, his strengths in UX and User Interface Design are matched by his visual design abilities. With more than 12 years working in web design, and having a keen eye for photography and typography, Pete knows how to build a beautiful and functional website. He also specialises in HTML5 and CSS technologies and responsive web techniques.